Revenue Accelerator VIP DAY:

Established Christian Female Coaches and Service Providers for Coaches who have sold a 4-figure offer ($1,000 or more):

If are you looking to apply KINGDOM PRINCIPLES in order to generate $100k+ in 90 days in your business, then the Revenue Accelerator VIP Day may be for you!!

This Virtual VIP Day is designed to help you create your SHIFT Framework so that you shift to 5-Figure WEEKS or DAYS. Please note that this session will be interactive and hands-on. The materials needed for the day will be mailed to your address. You must log in from your computer or laptop (NOT your phone or tablet). You will have follow-up access for 7 days after the VIP Day ends.

Most of my Accelerators:

  • Generate $5,000-$10,000 PER WEEK
  • Make their next sale at the HIGHER PRICE POINT, within 1 week
  • Make their investment back within 2 weeks

 If this is what you are looking to do, then keep reading!

The Agenda:

Day 1 (3 Hours):

  • Map out Your Revenue Goal, which must be at least $30,000 in the next 90 days
  • We will create your Revenue Accelerator Visual
  • Create your Offer Suite and Pricing
  • We will create up to 3 offers using my 6-Figure Offer Framework and NEXT LEVEL Client Profile

Next Steps:

  • Complete NEXT LEVEL Reflection Guide

Day 2 (3 Hours):

  • Content Creation (Content To Cash)
  • Social Media Audit and Optimization
  • Create your Personalized 90-Day Content to Consistent Cashflow Calendar
  • Create Your Personalized Marketing Calendar using my Money in Your Messaging Method
  • Lead Generation (NEXT LEVEL Client Explosion Method) We will audit what's currently working
  • We will implement my Shake the Tree Method to see who we may be overlooking
  • Create your Daily NEXT LEVEL Client Top 10 List
  • Map out your Lead Generation Strategy
  • Sales Process (The 5-Figure Shift Model)
  • Create Your Authority Page
  • Personalized Scripts for Sales Conversations (NEXT LEVEL Clients Cash Conversations)
  • Application Process Audit
  • Sales Call Audit
  • VIP Day Debrief



  • Daily Revenue Generating Activities Course ($997)
  • Profit Planner mailed to you (You choose the COACHE$ Version or the ENTREPRENEUR$ Version)
  • 30 Days of Follow-Up via Email and Messenger or Voxer

Who is this For:

  • You are an ESTABLISHED Coach or Service Provider for Coaches
  • You have sold a 4-Figure Offer
  • You have an audience
  • You have additional support after the VIP Day and 30 days of Support so that you can continue the implementation process or am self-motivated to continue the implementation process on your own
  • You BELIEVE that what you offer is TRANSFORMATIONAL and are not afraid to be in the room with other POWERFUL Believers in Business selling $5,000, $10,000, and $30,000+ services
  • Able to commit to:
  • Attend BOTH Sessions for the entire time, be active and engaged
  • Being in a quiet space free of distractions
  • Joining in from your computer or Laptop, NOT a phone or tablet

Investment: $6,000 for the 1:1 VIP Day.

What Happens Next?

Click the link below and check out the Client Testimonials

If you believe this will support you in stepping into your NEXT LEVEL, then click the button on complete the application.

If your application is accepted, we will complete a sales call. If accepted into the VIP DAY, you will sign your contract, make your payment, and schedule your sessions.

Investment: $6,000 for the 1:1 VIP Day.

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I’m Beverly Walthour. Established Christian Female Coaches and Services Providers for Coaches hire me to help them shift from 5-Figure MONTHS into 5-Figure WEEKS and DAYS.

I’m not your typical coach though:

I boldly incorporate my Christian Faith into my business and into EVERY program I offer.

I ensure you are surrounded by a community of like-minded women so that you have real support and real relationships when you need it. 

Most of my Revenue Accelerators:

  • Generate $5,000-$10,000 each week
  • Make their next sale, at their higher price point, within 1 week
  • Make their investment back within 2 weeks 

Success Stories…

Client Case Studies

Case Study: Closed $130,00 in Sales!

Case Study: Generated $11,000 in 4 days!

Case Study: Created her 1st 5-figure month in about 30 days

Closed an $8,000 Sale! "And just like that $8,000! It's so good to sell a high ticket offer without even bragging 🥳🥳🥳🥳  

You can do it too!!!!


I signed a $50,000 client! "I booked a TV show, a Radio Show, and a $50,000 VIP Client Today! YES, booking that Breakthrough call was the start of amazing things for me. "


Closed $7000 in sales in the same day! " #BeverlyWalthour Because we have abundance mindsets and know that God keeps expanding the pie, I know I can tell a second blessing to my group. I just closed a $5,000 deal to do a coaching/training program for small business owners! To God be the Glory! And... #BeverlyWalthour -- Just closed a $2,000 deal!"

Dr. Janice 

Closed $30,000 in 7 days! "I sold 6 coaching packages for $5,000. Beverly Walthour you are the most consistent coach I've ever met. I am inspired. Your coaching is timeless and produces rapid results when we do the work. People are still buying my highest packages."


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