Results-Driven Coaching That Transform’s Christian Female Coaching Businesses Into Consistent $3-5k months 

For confused female Christian coaches ready to feel clarity in their business strategy, believe they are exactly where God called them to be, and achieve the financial freedom they’ve always wanted. 

First of all, I love that you’re here! 

You’re a coach, hand-crafted by God, who is tired of being indecisive and confused. You’re called to impact and empower others. You’ve found it’s not as easy to scale your business like you were told...until now.

GET ANNUAL ACCESS for ONLY $1,297 or $127 per MONTH


PLEASE NOTE: You will be charged the annual subscription each year until you cancel. This purchase is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE; however, you may cancel your subscription at any time.


PLEASE NOTE: You will be charged the monthly subscription each month until you cancel. This purchase is 100% NON-REFUNDABLE; however, you may cancel your subscription at any time.

 I know you feel...

  • You lack consistent revenue
  • You are unclear on your ideal client and offers
  • You’re tired of second-guessing your prices
  • You struggle with promoting your offers and creating content
  • You question if you “missed God” and constantly want to give up 
  • You worry about investing again because it didn’t work out last time
  • You don’t know how to incorporate your faith seamlessly into your business

You’ve tried downloading freebies, participating in challenges, attending live streams, creating freebies, etc... but nothing seems to be working. 

It’s time to put fear and frustration down for a long nap. 

But you’re ready now. 

You’re ready to:

  • Finally be financially stable
  • Do away with uncertainty and courageously sell 
  • Feel confident with your prices
  • Know exactly how to market your offers and create powerful content
  • Walk in the authority that God has placed you in this business for YOU to make an impact
  • Finally feel confident in a coach who gets you
  • Have the courage to unapologetically express your faith within your business

So how can you make all of this yours?


My Self-Paced Making Powerful Moves In Business Academy.

Your complete solution to living in the power and authority you were designed for within your business. 

Your dreams are no longer dreams. 

They are just “one powerful move” away…

You were made to make an impact. You were made to coach in greatness. And with my Self-Paced Making Powerful Moves In Business Academy you’ll get:

  • Instant access to self-paced content designed to give you control over when and how you learn. There are OVER 50 Masterclasses that you get INSTANT access to.
  • BONUS: Free Profit Planner ($50 Value)
  • ANNUAL PAY BONUS: ONE 45-minute 1:1 strategy sessions that cover how to generate your next 4-figures in 7 days. Please NOTE: This is Bonus is ONLY if you do the Annual Payment Plan (not the monthly payment plan).

SOME of the Masterclasses you will get INSTANT ACCESS to when you sign up…

  • Identifying Your Ideal Clients
  • How to Create Your Coaching Offers
  • How to Price Your Coaching Offers
  • How to Sign Your 1st 3 Paying Clients
  • How to Incorporate Daily Revenue-Generating Activities
  • How to Generate More Leads
  • How to Prepare for and Conduct Sales Calls
  • How to Create $3000+ Coaching Offers
  • How to Create a Membership for Recurring Monthly Revenue
  • How to Get Your Next 500 Email Subscribers
  • Daily Revenue Generating Activities course
  • 3 Money Mindsets Blocking You From Selling
  • Lead Generation
  • 7 Steps to Repackage and Reprice for at least $3000
  • The Anatomy of a 5-Figure Program/service
  • How to Create an Engaging and Profitable FB Group
  • How to Create a 4-figure Webinar/Masterclass
  • How to Prepare for and Conduct Sales Calls
  • Reels Training
  • Emails that Convert
  • How to Create a Profitable Sales Funnel
  • 5 Ways to Generate Revenue in 30 Days
  • How To Secure Podcasts and Online Publications
  • Increase Your Visibility
  • How to Secure 5 & 6 Figure Contracts
  • How to Secure Government Contracts

With my Self-Paced Academy, you will…

  • Uplevel your income to consistent 3k-5k months if you put in the dedication and work required
  • Give you clear, unquestionable strategy with each Masterclass
  • Access to templates, scripts, and WORKbooks so that you don't have to figure things out on your own anymore
  • Revolutionize your confidence 
  • Give you the courage to powerfully coach others with a strategy unique to your calling & personality

And don’t worry. You don’t have to treat this like a nervous first date...afraid if “things will work out or not.” They will. 

I can say this because I’ve been exactly where you are…

I created this academy because I craved a space where I could unapologetically be myself and impact others.

I wanted financial freedom that created a life of true joy...full of moments that actually matter. 

I wanted a community of believers that could uplift me and encourage me.

I wanted the boldness to have a unique business in an online space that seemed to “offer it all.” 

I see that you want it too.

I have already helped hundreds (yes hundreds!) of Christian female coaches to generate in one week what it used to take them one month to generate

I know consistent 4 figure revenue is possible for you too because Making Powerful Moves In Business Academy was specifically designed with YOU in mind.

I’m Beverly Walthour. And I’m here to revitalize Christian female coaching businesses from the ground up. I’m not your typical coach though:

I boldly incorporate my faith into my business and I teach you how to do the same.

I ensure you are surrounded by a community of like-minded women so that you have real support and real relationships when you need it. 

I openly give you access to all my resources which include over 50 revolutionary masterclasses.

As an award-winning, multi-6-figure Business Strategist, I use my 5 P-Framework to help you apply Kingdom Principles so that you generate $100k+ in 90 days!

Success Stories…

Client Case Studies

Case Study: Closed $130,00 in Sales!

Case Study: Generated $11,000 in 4 days!

Case Study: Created her 1st 5-figure month in about 30 days

$3,000 after ONLY 8 days of working together! "Boom just like that I closed the sale on my 1st Breakthrough Call today for my $3,000 program!


I signed a $50,000 client! "I booked a TV show, a Radio Show, and a $50,000 VIP Client Today! YES, booking that Breakthrough call was the start of amazing things for me. "


Closed $7000 in sales in the same day! " #BeverlyWalthour Because we have abundance mindsets and know that God keeps expanding the pie, I know I can tell a second blessing to my group. I just closed a $5,000 deal to do a coaching/training program for small business owners! To God be the Glory! And... #BeverlyWalthour -- Just closed a $2,000 deal!"

Dr. Janice 

Signed a £2997 client in less than 14 days! "Just came off a discovery call with a client who signed up for my 3 months 1:1 for £2997. This is my first time of having a client that did not question my price."


Could yours be next?

I am ready to help you shake your ground…

This Self-Paced Making Powerful Moves In Business Academy will revolutionize Christian Female Coaches and Service Providers for Coaches so they can finally walk in certainty and authority within their business while making the money they have always dreamed of.

Let’s come together and change your world.  


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