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Additional Client Success Stories

$3,000 after ONLY 8 days of working together!  

"Boom just like that I closed the sale on my 1st Breakthrough Call today for my $3,000 program!


$1994 in sales in JUST 6 DAYS!

"I've sold 2 participants my $997 packages and got an international partnership all in 6 days!"


$3500 THREE days after launching!

"I made $3,500! I would have paid twice the amount Beverly charged me, this is how much I recommend her coaching."


$1994 in ONLY 4 days!

"I sold 2 of my Emotional Healing Masterclass at $997 and have a few more pending."  


I signed a $50,000 client!

"I booked a TV show, a Radio Show, and a $50,000 VIP Client Today!  

YES, booking that Breakthrough call was the start of amazing things for me. "


$997 in less than 7 days!  

"Booked a client for my new 90 minute intensive for $997"




Signed a £2997 client in less than 14 days!  

"Just came off a discovery call with a client who signed up for my 3 months 1:1 for £2997. This is my first time of having a client that did not question my price."


Tripled investment in less than 7 days!  

"JJust booked my 1st client for 2 months of coaching services"  


I earned my investment back the SAME DAY!

"My intensive with Bev was just that intensive! Bev dug deep into my coaching offers and helped me restructure and reprice them to better align with the market and my expertise. Bev helped me pull out a more detailed version of my ideal client by digging deeper into her psychographics and real pain points so that I may speak her language.  

Bev challenged me to up level my executive coaching offers and add another level. I took immediate action and saw immediate return on my investment by making some of the recommended adjustments and secured a new coaching client later that same day!"


Results from 2 Live Events!  

17 new e-mails 3 discovery calls booked 2 Women’s Empowerment Class Students 1 raffle winner ($100 off any one month service) 1 referral (I made for another coach) 2 collaboration opportunities.  


Booked a new client within seconds of my 1st Live!  

 So my pet peeve has always been going live idk why lol. Within seconds of my 1st Live I booked a new client. Their words "OMG what a blessing. I need your help. I don't care how much you charg me!"

My inbox is lit up right now off a 3 minute live and I will definitely be going Live more! 

Thank you so much Beverly Walthour you are the bomb.  



I am Beverly Walthour, a TV and Radio Show Host of the shows Talkin Business with Beverly, and a Business Strategist for Christian female coaches.  

I show you how to create consistent clients and income in 12 weeks or less.  

I have more than 15 years' experience as an award-winning educator, speaker, consultant, & trainer and over 10 years as an entrepreneur.  

I am also a #1 International Best-Selling Author. I've been featured in Tying the Knot Between Ministry and the Marketplace, Vol. 1 & 2 and Courageous World Caalyst II. I have also been featured in numerous magazines, blogs, television, radio, and podcasts.  

I work with my clients 1:1, in group programs, Intensives, online courses, and in-person workshops. I reside in the Atlanta, GA area and enjoy spending time with friends and family.