Established Christian Female Coaches and Service Providers for Coaches who have sold a 4-figure offer ($1,000 or more):

Are you looking to apply KINGDOM PRINCIPLES in order to generate $100k+ in 90 days in your business?If so, then my 90-Day Revenue Accelerator 2.0 might be for you!

To start, this is NOT a COACHING Program. This means we are not meeting each week to discuss things such as who is your ideal client, how to create an offer, etc. We tweak those things on our 1st 1:1 call. Instead, we will spend 90 days focused on organic DAILY REVENUE GENERATING ACTIVITIES. With this Cohort, the goal is to create $100k+ in 90 days!

On average, my Accelerators:

  • Generate $5,000-$10,000 PER WEEK
  • Make their next sale at the HIGHER PRICE POINT, within 1 week of our 1st group call
  • Make their investment back within 2 weeks of our 1st group call
  • Have an 80% success rate hitting their 90-day revenue goal
  • Have a 100% success rate hitting $30,000 in 90 days
  • Generate $52,100 per person in 90 days

 If this is what you are looking to do, then keep reading!

The Program will kick off with your NEXT LEVEL Personalized Revenue Blueprint (set aside 2 hours). During these 2 hours, we will:

  • Solidify your NEXT LEVEL Offer(s) for the 90 days using my 6-Figure Offer Framework and NEXT LEVEL Client Profile.
  • Map out your NEXT LEVEL Lead Generation Strategy using my NEXT LEVEL Client Explosion Method and Shake the Tree Method so that you will create your Daily NEXT LEVEL Client Top 10 List
  • Create your NEXT LEVEL 90-Day Marketing Calendar using my Money in Your Messaging Method so you know EXACTLY what to sell and when so that you hit your 5-Figure Weeks and Days (no more feast and famine cycles)
  • Create your NEXT LEVEL 90-Day Content Calendar & NEXT LEVEL Messaging using my Content to Consistent Cashflow Method so that you know EXACTLY what to post, live stream, email your list, etc. to have your NEXT LEVEL Clients pursuing you
  • We will then set a revenue goal for the Program (at least $30,000).
  • Uncover and uproot any mindset blocks that may be hindering you from consistently hitting your revenue goal

We are now enrolling for our August 2024 cohort. The cohorts are kept small, between 8-12, to ensure no one hides or is left behind. We kick off on Wednesday, August 7th at 1 pm EST.

We meet:

1) Mondays at 6 a.m. EST for Scripture Meditation (Optional). These sessions are focused on implementing Kingdom Principles to eliminate limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors that may be impacting your money mindset so that we tap into GOD's abundance, overflow, and prosperity. We will look at what money mindset challenges may be blocking you from your next $30,000, $50,000, or $100,000 month.

2) Wednesdays (1 pm EST) for our Group Business Strategy and Accountability Sessions (Required). These sessions are where we focus on implementation and Daily Revenue Generating Activities. These calls involve a short teaching and then we move into implementation, where we take revenue-generating action during the call (Accelerators have closed sales DURING our calls because of how the sessions are structured).

3) Three additional 1:1 Sessions (Required) to ensure you remain on track to meet or exceed your revenue goals

To keep everyone accountable, we commit to:


  • Must Set a Goal of at least $30,000 for 90 Days
  • Most Accelerators close their 1st sale, at their higher price points, within 7 days of our Kick-Off Session and make their investment back within 2 weeks!


  • Must generate your Revenue from Coaching, Consulting, Speaking, or Providing a Service to Coaches

3) MASSIVE NEXT-LEVEL Accountability

  • Private Daily Revenue Tracker
  • Group Weekly Revenue Tracker
  • Accountability Check-In with the group, coach, and yourself


  • Daily Revenue Generating Activities with the goal to close at least $2500 each week
  • Laser-focused on a FEW actions that lead to the FASTEST PATH TO CASH

5) Applying Kingdom Principles

  • How to incorporate scriptures and our faith so that we access GOD's Favor, Double Portion, Overflow, and Abundance in our business
  • How to apply them to: package and price your offers, generate qualified leads, elevate your mindset and messaging, and RAPIDLY generate 5-figure WEEKS & DAYS and 6-figure launches



  • Access to my Making Powerful Moves in Business Academy while enrolled in the Accelerator ($5000)
  • Lifetime Access to my Your Next 5-Figure Launch Course ($5000)
  • Copy of The COACHE$ Profit Planner OR The ENTREPRENEUR$ Profit Planner ($50)

Who is this For:

  • ESTABLISHED Coaches or Service Providers for Coaches and ready to take ACTION (not just consume information)
  • You have at least 15 hours a week to work on your business
  • You have sold a 4-figure Offer ($1,000 or more)
  • You have an audience
  • You BELIEVE that what you offer is TRANSFORMATIONAL and are not afraid to be in the room with other POWERFUL Believers in Business selling $5,000, $10,000, and $30,000+ services

Access to this program is by invitation only. If you are accepted into the program, you must set a goal of at least $30,000 for our 90 days together!

Investment: 4 Payments of $1,500 or $5,000 if Paid in Full.

What Happens Next?

Click the link below and check out the Client Testimonials

If you believe this will support you in stepping into your NEXT LEVEL, then click the button on complete the application.

If your application is accepted, we will complete a sales call. If accepted into the Accelerator, you will sign your contract, make your payment, and enroll in the program.

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Investment: 4 Payments of $1,500 or $5,000 if Paid in Full.

I’m Beverly Walthour. Established Christian Female Coaches and Services Providers for Coaches hire me to help them apply Kingdom Principles so that they generate $100k+ in 90 Days.

I’m not your typical coach though:

I boldly incorporate my Christian Faith into my business and into EVERY program I offer.

I ensure you are surrounded by a community of like-minded women so that you have real support and real relationships when you need it. 

On average, my Revenue Accelerators:

  • Generate $5,000-$10,000 each week
  • Make their next sale, at their higher price point, within 1 week of our 1st group call
  • Make their investment back within 2 weeks of our 1st group call

Success Stories…

Client Case Studies

Case Study: Closed $130,00 in Sales!

Case Study: Generated $11,000 in 4 days!

Case Study: Created her 1st 5-figure month in about 30 days

Closed an $8,000 Sale! "And just like that $8,000! It's so good to sell a high ticket offer without even bragging 🥳🥳🥳🥳  

You can do it too!!!!


I signed a $50,000 client! "I booked a TV show, a Radio Show, and a $50,000 VIP Client Today! YES, booking that Breakthrough call was the start of amazing things for me. "


Closed $7000 in sales in the same day! " #BeverlyWalthour Because we have abundance mindsets and know that God keeps expanding the pie, I know I can tell a second blessing to my group. I just closed a $5,000 deal to do a coaching/training program for small business owners! To God be the Glory! And... #BeverlyWalthour -- Just closed a $2,000 deal!"

Dr. Janice 

Closed $30,000 in 7 days! "I sold 6 coaching packages for $5,000. Beverly Walthour you are the most consistent coach I've ever met. I am inspired. Your coaching is timeless and produces rapid results when we do the work. People are still buying my highest packages."


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