7-Days to Greater Visibility in Your Coaching and Consulting Business!

Your Coaching and Consulting Business needs to be visible and totally in sync with your clients' needs. Increase the number of people you're able to impact by getting in front of more of your target audeince. 

Starts April 10th, 2018

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7 days. 7 lessons. 7 ways to get your visibility for your brand

Day 1: It's Time for Impact & Increase- The benefits and dreams of reaching thousands of you ideal clients

Day 2: Your Audience is Waiting for Your Expertise- How to discover the three topics that make you an expert.

Day 3: Jumpstart Your 2nd Quarter and Reach Your First 1000 People-We are going to jumpstart your results with 5 resources to reach out to immediately.

Day 4: You've Already Got Your Best Seller -Look at 3 problems you solve and how to turn them into a best seller. 

Day 5: It's Time to Go Live!-Discover what you have to offer at your own live events

Day 6: The Proofs In the Pudding-Case studies that show how tapping into other peoples audiences can explode your visiblity. 

Day 7: Putting It All Together-This Masterclass shows how you can take the information from this 7-Day Visibility Challenge and get in front of EVEN MORE of your ideal clients!

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Ready for the Visibility Challenge?

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My name's Beverly, and I'm on a mission.

I am Beverly Walthour, a Business Strategist for Christian female coaches and consultants. 

I show you how to create consistent clients with actionable strategies so that you optimize your services and create consistent income in 12 weeks or less. 

I have more than 15 years' experience as an award-winning educator, speaker, consultant, & trainer&and over 10 years as an entrepreneur.  

I am a published co-author of the book, Tying the Knot Between Ministry and the Marketplace, Vol. 1 & 2. I have been featured in numerous online magazines, blogs, television, radio, and podcasts.

 I work with my clients 1:1, in group programs, Intensives, online courses, and in-person workshops.