6-Figure Framework for Established Christian Female Coaches & Service Providers for Coaches

Creating 6-Figures, whether annually or quarterly, in your coaching or service-based business takes strategic ACTION!  

This guide will show you the 5 P's you can IMPLEMENT IMMEDIATELY to set up your 6-figure framework in your business.  

These are the same steps I follow to create a multi 6-Figure coaching business.  

This is also what I teach my clients who have created 6 figure businesses and who have generated $11,000, $20,000, $30,000 in a WEEK, and over $100,000 in 90 days!

Once you submit your name and email, you will have the opportunity to learn about how to create consistent 5-Figure WEEKS & DAYS in your business!

The 5P's to Creating 6-Figures annually or quarterly:

  • PARTNER With GOD so that you do not compromise your Christian Values. This Focuses on Your Daily Mindset. 
  • POSITION Your Genius so that you attract your NEXT-LEVEL Clients. This Focuses on Your Compelling Message that gets your clients to BUY NOW. 
  • PACKAGE Your Genius so that you deliver MASSIVE Value and Transformation.
  • PRICE Your Genius so that QUICKLY shift from 5-Figure MONTHS to 5-Figure WEEKS & DAYS. 
  • PROMOTE Your Genius so that you attract your NEXT LEVEL Clients who show up excited and ready to work with you. This Focuses on Your Lead Generation Strategies. 


Beverly Walthour is an award-winning Multi-6-figure Business Strategist, Speaker, Author, Trainer and Consultant, and CEO of BCW Business Ventures, LLC. She is a former TV and Radio Show Host in Atlanta, GA. Her shows are seen and heard across the globe. She was the 1st African American female to have a Business Morning Radio Show.

 As a Business Strategist, specifically for Christian female coaches, she uses her 5 P-Framework to help them ACCELERATE their Impact & Income WITHOUT compromising their Christian Values. She does this by showing them how to shift into creating consistent 5-Figure WEEKS. She works with her clients 1:1, groups, and Live Workshops.

Beverly started her 1st business in 2007 and has gone on to start 3 more since then. She was also an award-winning Middle School Educator for 14 years.

 She’s conducted training sessions all across the United States and enjoys helping women create time and financial freedom in their businesses!