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Technology is moving faster than ever and gaining speed, which is changing the way prospects make purchasing decisions and interact with brands.  

With new, hungry, and digitally savvy businesses entering your market every week, you have to be able to pivot quickly. To thrive, scale, and continue to gain market share, you need to develop an engaging conversation with your ideal prospects in your marketing — which means you NEED to see where things in your industry are headed. 

That’s where I come in.

I’m Beverly Walthour, and I’ve spent two decades mastering pattern recognition, high performance, and digital marketing. In today’s market, it’s not enough to know what your people need. You have to know what they WANT, when they want it, how they want to receive it, AND how they want to talk about their problem. Then you have to craft marketing campaigns across your digital platforms that speak to the heart, minds, values, and desires of your ideal prospects.  

You NEED the D2M Method™

The D2M Method™ is all about training your marketing team to create high performing, dynamic digital marketing campaigns that engage your ideal prospects and turn them into loyal, paying customers.  

Consulting Topics:

How To Identify Market Patterns to Leverage More Sales

Crafting High Performing, Dynamic Digital Marketing Campaigns  

Establishing Influence & Leadership With Your Marketing Team To Create Successful Campaigns 

Increasing Conversions With Dynamic Digital Marketing Campaigns Built For Prospect Engagement  

Elevating Your Sales With a Dynamic & Strategic Customer Journey  

Leadership, High Performance, & Communication Mastery: Building a Dynamic Marketing Team  

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Check out the links to my growing media below, and be sure to check back often. I’m always adding more to resources.

My official media bio:  

Beverly Walthour is an award winning educator, trainer, TV show host, and digital marketing consultant working with business owners, companies, and corporations to create dynamic digital marketing campaigns that increase sales and market influence, while leveraging high performance strategies using the D2M Method™.  

Beverly's consulting and genius allows her to use her more than 15 years of experience in education, leadership, and digital marketing to pinpoint market patterns so companies can make profitable pivots in their customer acquisition strategies and tactics.  

 Her genius has also been featured in publications such as 


4 Steps to Start Your Online Business Challenge!

Beverly Walthour Interview (starting on page 13)



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